sexta-feira, 24 de setembro de 2010


Se você não sabe ingles deixo aqui um e-mail traduzido pelo nosso grande amigo John Flaherty!
Enviem a vontade!!!

Hello, Top Gear boys, my name is (name).
I'm brazilian.
Here in Brazil we have cars that aren't really good.
Here, korean cars are a synonym for quality.
You've had a small demonstration when you tested the VW Fox.
But in Brazil, the Fox is targeted for a middle-class market, costing R$40.000 (£14.800), if it's similar to what you get there (4 doors and extras).
Not to mention the build quality and design, all awful!
But the worst is the price of our cars: R$23.000 (£8.500), and that's for a 2-door, 1.0-littre hatch called Fiat Mille Economy(wich is like "a much worse version of UK's Fiat Panda" and I mean it, it's really really worse than the Panda)., with no air-con, power-steering, electric mirrors, windows and central locking.
A GM Vectra GT (Or Vauxhall Astra Hatch, as you know it) costs R$60.000 (£22.000).
The link shows images of Chevrolet's newest creation: the AGILE.
It also costs R$40.000, a real joke.
Used cars also have some high prices: an Audi 80, for which you paid less than £100, here it costs R$15.000 (£5.500).
For R$2.000 (£740), you can get a rubbish crap.
For R$5.000 (£1.800), you get something better, but not THAT better.
And finally, for R$15.000 (£5.500), you get a pretty reasonable 10-year-old basic model.
Anyway, the Brazil on Wheels is that!
I ask you, please, come to Brazil, either for a simple review or for a special episode, but please, come.
You'll be amazed!

Yours truly,

OBS: isso é apenas para eles entenderem que é um movimento, peço que coloquem nos e-mails que enviarem por conta propria tambem.

Em português:

terça-feira, 21 de setembro de 2010

Top gear no Brasil

Olá povo.

meu nome é Guilherme e crio hoje o blog TOP GEAR NO BRASIL

Como assim?

É simples, tenho como objetivo trazer o time Top Gear para o Brasil, para testar nossas carroças e até mesmo fazer um especial aqui.

Já imaginaram Jeremy, Richard e James montados em Chevettes, 147's, Fuscas e outras desgraças cruzando nosso país?

Sem dúvida seria engraçado!

Mas como você quer traze-los?

Enviando com a ajuda de voces leitores diversos e-mails para o programa dizendo como são os carros aqui e pedindo para virem para cá, fazer um teste ou quem sabe um especial.

Eu mandei essa porcaria 11 vezes pro e-mail do Top Gear:


Hello Top Gear team I am Guilherme.
I am Brazilian.
here in Brazil, we say not very good cars ...
are actually junk.
they are only slightly better than the Koreans tested for you ...
you already have a small exhibit, since he tested our VW Fox
Richard found the VW Fox bad? So why not give your brother VW Gol
And not only that VW's are bad, we have also Fiat's, GM's, Ford's all crap ...
not to mention the price: our car 0 km cheapest costs $ 23,000 (£ 8,550)
so I ask you who come to Brazil and test our "wagons" which is like a president called them.
Thanks, Guilherme